Personal Injury

Medical Malpractice

In Texas, Medical Malpractice Law is the only field that requires attorneys to hire and consult with experts prior to, or shortly after, filing suit. According to statute within 120 days after filing a suit, an injured person’s attorney must obtain report(s) that specifically explains the nature of the malpractice, and the harm caused by it. These report(s) must be written by a doctor (or other appropriate health-care provider, such as a nurse in a nursing home neglect case) in the same field of practice as the doctor or health-care provider who will be sued, or one who is familiar with the accepted standard of care for the defendant physician/health-care provider. Without the necessary report(s), a lawsuit usually cannot be successfully pursued.

Product Liability

Product liability actions may involve a failure on the part of a manufacturer to design and manufacture a safe product for public use; a failure to warn of a condition of the property, including any foreseeable and intentional mis-use of the property.

Auto Liability

If you are injured in a car accident, John K. Horany, P.C. can help you ensure that your legal right to recover for injuries will be preserved.

Wrongful Death

In Texas, suits for wrongful death of a spouse, parent, or child are permitted up to two years after the date of the death (or the date of the negligence resulting in death in case of medical malpractice). Under the wrongful death act, no recovery is permitted for brothers and sisters, or for step-children or non-adopted children.

Slips and Falls

One of the seemingly most simple area of personal injury law is the Trip/Slip and Fall cases which usually arise from a situation where someone has fallen in a store while shopping or outside while walking. These cases are actually very challenging, and require proof of a dangerous condition on the premises of another, and actual knowledge of the dangerous condition. Obtaining documentation of the cause of your fall through pictures or a written report is one of the crucial elements in proving this type of case. Many times, a dangerous condition will be cleaned up or rectified before potential witnesses see the problem. It is important to fill out an incident report with the store; get the names of store personnel who witnessed the fall, and to record the name and physical description of any employee who makes admissions, ( i.e.,”I knew someone was going to fall on that slick spot; I just didn’t have time to clean it up yet.”)